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Monday, 20 March 2017


Here it is my new video REEL2017Enjoy!

Better quality on Vimeo :

Audio took from: "The Amazing World fo Gumball" Cartoon Network

Shadow-Fox scene - Toon Boom Animation

Dimitra Dakaki- Fox character
Sara Cuni -  Crawling Shadows

-Adobe Animate
-Adobe Flash
-Adobe Photoshop
-Toon Boom Animation

-Sac 2017

Final School Project 2016




Project- MASTERCLASS 2016

MASTERCLASS with Tony Tarantini and Sandro Cleuzo.

An amazing journey trough the stages of Animation with the guide of great masters, in collaboration with the school Nemo Academy (Florence) 2016

Project: Title: "The Tower"

Our story involve a young autistic boy who likes to draw to express himself ; and his mother, that is trying to find a way to comunicate and show her love to his baby, trought a metaphor journey into his imaginary world.

Those are some concepts of the monsters that populate the kid's imaginary paper world.
Our protagonist, the kid's mother, has to face different kind of challenges to get over the top of the Paper Tower.


I figured that, as an imaginary realm, monsters could be made with organic sheets , that could take different forms or shapes , and travel trought paper sheet

Early concept for the monster population:

Monday, 13 March 2017

Clean Up - Fat Pony

Clean up of Fat Pony's walk cycle.
It look even more funnier!