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Monday, 20 February 2017

Lizard Walk-Cycle

A squishy walk-cycle animation, inspired by "walking on water lizards".
I did this by making traditional drawing first, then I  completed it on Adobe Animate.

-Traditional animation
-Adobe Animate 2015


Also on vimeo:

Chew-Cycle Goat

A simple chew-cycle animation I did some time ago,I like strange animals usually, goats are one of them, I think they have fascinating eyes!



Avaible on vimeo:

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Meet Jeff

Personal Animation project for Nemo Digital Art School

General Plot:
Jeff is just an half God that wants only to stay comfy on his cool sofa inside his cool old Roulotte, menawhile his roomates Stasy and Aspro wants to party hard hard.

-Adobe Flash Animation



Jeff the Eye

Another traditional test Animation, just a funny eye looking entity

-Traditional Animation


Traditional Animation - Fat Pony

Traditional animation test for 4 legs animal :)

-Traditional Animation